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Name Requirement(s) Rewards Difficulty
Golden Man Get an Enchanted Gold Block Xp Easy
Aspect of the Gold Get an Greatly Improved Gold Sword Golden Winner Box Hard
Experienced Craft a Diamond Gunpowder Recipe Newbie
Oh, a creeper Head? Craft a Creeper head Wandering Villager Egg Recipe Easy

(If had a creeper on the island)

Need Bones? Get a stack of bones Snowball Recipe Easy

(If using the Mini-Game)

Diamond Armor Collector Craft all types of diamond armor Diamond Weapon and Tools Medium

(Requires some time when beginning)

Need a protection from creeper? Get 16 Gunpowders Creeper Explosion Protector Easy

(If had a creeper on the island)

Fire Extinguisher Kill a blaze Fire Talisman Easy
Never Lost your Inventory Have a sleep in the bed

(Also obtain "Sweet Dreams" from the original Minecraft Advancements)

Item Safety Talisman Newbie
The Curse of Wither Kill the wither Wither Mask Medium to Hard
Who is the Boss now? Kill all types of bosses in the Mini-Game

(Except the [Only Zombie Boss] Game and the Vanilla Wither Boss)

Aspect of the Enchantment Hard
The True Boss is yourself Kill the Wither, Ender Dragon and Zombie Horse Rider Netherite Sword End Game
Super Coal Craft The legend of coal Xp Hard
Secret of coal Trade a Enchanted Coal Block from the Coal Guy Xp Medium
Extreme Coal Legend Get the Coal Commander Sword Cheaper Enchanted Golden Apple Recipe Extremely Hard
Bedrock Collection Craft(Smelt Obsidian) a bedrock Xp Easy
High damage dealer Craft an Bedrock Sword Xp Medium
Secret Armor Craft Coal Chestplate Xp Hard

(Guess the material and the amount required)

Secret Armor, Again? Craft Lapis Helmet Xp Hard

(Guess the material and the amount required)

Zombie Destroyer Kill the Petrified Zombie Boss Xp Medium
Zombie Destroyer 2 Craft an Zombie Heart Xp Hard
Zombie Destroyer 3 Craft an Zombie Sword Xp Hard

(Require lots of time)

Strategy and... Luck? Get and Petrified Sword Xp Super Hard
Zombie Slayer Kill the Zombie Horse Rider Coal Guy's Sword

Zombie Head Recipe

Iron Guy Craft a Enchanted Iron Ingot Xp Medium
The Mighty Knight Craft an Knight's Sword Xp Hard
Executioner Craft an Executioner's Axe Xp Medium
Do you know how to use it? Craft a Stone Gauntlet Talisman Xp Medium
Getting the first enchanted item Craft a Enchanted Cobblestone Xp Easy
Runic Stone? Craft a Runic Stone Xp Medium
Thunderlord Craft the ThunderSword Xp Hard
Thor incoming Craft an Hammer of Thunder Xp Super Hard
Oak collector Craft a Enchanted Log Xp Easy
Getting an better weapon Craft an Battle Axe Xp Medium
Rich guy Craft a Enchanted Diamond Block Xp Medium
Ruby time! Get a stack of Rubies Xp Hard
The legend of the emerald Craft the Runic Emerald Sword and Having a Stack of Enchanted Emerald Blocks in the Inventory Xp Super Hard
Rich Guy2 Craft a Enchanted Emerald Block Xp Medium
secret weapon? Craft an Glass Sword Xp Hard

(Guess the amount of the glass required)

Just a zombie head Craft a Zombie Head Zombie Plushie(Special Rarity) Easy

(If completed the "Zombie Slayer" Advancement)



(If Obtainable by using the original Minecraft method)