Minecraft-PixelMinecraft2-SkyWorldBlock Wiki
Date Things Happened Notes
2019/11/17 Making a first version of SkyWorldBlock Didn't Publish to the Website
2019/11/23 Added SkyWorldBlock to Minecraft maps:

View in Here

An Original Version of SkyWorldBlock
2019/11-12 Remaking the map into a Simplified Version /
2019/12/31 Moved to a new website called CurseForge to upload because Minecraft maps dosen't let the creator to update the game and The game was too laggy. /
2020/1/1 New Update V1.1 Didn't Publish to the Website because of some bugs in the game
2020/1/1 New Update V1.12 Details here
2020/1/3 New Update V1.13
2020/1/5 New Update V1.14
2020/1/9 New Update V1.15
2020/1/12 New Update V1.16
2020/1/15 New Update V1.17
2020/1/17 Published on a different website:Planet Minecraft
2020/1/19 New Update V1.18
2020/1/27 New Update V1.19
2020/1/30 Added this Wiki /
2020/1/31 New Update V1.2 Details here
2020/2/2 New Update V1.21
2020/2/4 New Update V1.22
2020/2/4-2020/3/30 Not updating because of playing Hypixel Skyblock /
2020/3/29-31 Trying to play this map for searching bugs or problems
2020/3/31 New Update V1.23 and solve a problem that keeps the creator's item because forgot to reset the data Details here
2020/4/1 New Beta Update V1.24
2020/4/2 New Beta Update V1.25(In a Accident)