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All types of Materials can be founded in here(Photos of Recipe will be added later)

Name Requirement(s)
Enchanted Slime Ball Slime
Enchanted Cobblestone 160xCobblestone
Cobblestone Recipe.png
Enchanted Log 160xOak Log
Enchanted Log.png
Enchanted Rotten Flesh 160xRotten Flesh (Gain Night Vision I for 15 sec and removes hunger effect when eaten)
Enchanted Rotten Flesh.png
Enchanted Bone 160xBone
Enchanted Bone.png
Enchanted Iron Ingot 160xIron Ingot
Enchanted Iron.png
Enchanted Gold Ingot 160xGold Ingot
Enchanted Gold.png
Enchanted Ender Pearl 20xEnder Pearl
Enchanted Ender Pearl.png
Enchanted Lapis 80xLapis Lazuli
Enchanted Lapis.png
Magma Slime Ball Strengthen Slime
Enchanted Porkchop 40xPorkchop (Heals 18 Health and 11 Food Bar when eaten)
Enchanted Pork.png
Enchanted Lily Pad 80xLily Pad
Enchanted Lily Pad.png
Enchanted Redstone 192xRedstone
Enchanted Redstone.png
Enchanted Coal 160xCoal
Enchanted Coal.png
Runic Stone 64x8 stones and 64xEnder Pearls
Runic Stone.png
Enchanted Iron Block 80xEnchanted Iron Ingot
2020-01-31 17.13.42.png
Enchanted Gold Block 80xEnchanted Gold Ingot
2020-01-31 17.14.02.png
Enchanted Lapis Block 24xEnchanted Lapis
2020-01-31 17.14.13.png
Enchanted Bone Block 128xEnchanted Bone and 1xBone Block
2020-01-31 17.14.40.png
Zombie Heart 192xEnchanted Rotten Flesh
2020-01-31 17.28.21.png
2020-01-31 17.15.51.png
Enchanted Diamond 20xDiamond
Enchanted Diamond.png
Enchanted Emerald 40xEmerald
Enchanted Emerald.png
Enchanted Ender Eye 4xBlaze Powder and 16xEnchanted Ender Pearl
Enchanted Gunpowder 160xGunpowder
Enchanted Gunpowder.png
Harden Cactus 192xCactus
Harden Cactus.png
Ruby 16xEmerald and 1xRedstone Block
Enchanted Coal Block Trade from Coal Guy
Reinforced Paper 36xPaper, Water Bucket, Shears, Stone Cutter and Campfire
Ruby Block 9xRuby
2020-01-31 17.14.50.png
Enchanted Redstone Block 192xEnchanted Redstone
2020-01-31 17.15.09.png
Enchanted Diamond Block 20xEnchanted Diamond
2020-01-31 17.16.15.png
Enchanted Emerald Block 20xEnchanted Emerald
2020-01-31 17.16.27.png
Lightning Rune 4xRunic Stone
2020-01-31 17.17.23.png
Light Rune 5xRunic Stone
2020-01-31 17.18.15.png
Night Rune 5xRunic Stone
2020-01-31 17.17.59.png
Fire Rune 5xRunic Stone
2020-01-31 17.17.34.png
Water Rune 14xRunic Stone
2020-01-31 17.17.40.png
Ice Rune 128xIce and 1xWater Rune
2020-01-31 17.19.03.png


Name Usage
Lightning Spell Cast Lightning which deals 128 Damage
Fire Spell Makes Target unable to move
Freeze Spell Completely Freeze Target for 2s


Name Ability Notes
Creeper Pet Got explode when target nearby in a radius of 1 block Teleport back when out of range Invulnerable


Name Rarity Ability Notes
Stone Gauntlet Talisman Rare Gives Resistance II for infinite duration Only activates when in the inventory
Fire Talisman Reward Item Immune to fire
Item Safety Talisman Common Keeps your inventory after death

Special Seeds

Name Usage Notes
Mushroom Seeds Plant it on the floor and it will grow into a random bigger mushroom Requires about 5 minutes to grow

Obtainable Chests

Different Chest, different rewards

Name Possibility Where to get Rarity
Flower Box Dyes, Pattern and Flowers Trade from Plants Shop Common
Full Flower Pack Box All type of Flowers Trade from Plants Shop Uncommon
Super Chest Dyes, Pattern, Flowers, Materials, Enchanted Book, Golden Apple and Slime Spawn Egg Trade from Plants Shop Rare
Winner Chest Dyes, Pattern, Flowers, Materials, Enchanted Materials, Enchanted Book, Golden Apple and Slime Spawn Egg(With a higher chance) Trade from Plants Shop Epic
Golden Winner Box Dyes, Pattern, Flowers, Materials, Enchanted Materials, Enchanted Book, Golden Apple and Slime Spawn Egg(With a higher chance) Advancement:"Diamond Armor Collector" reward Reward Item

Special Arrows

Name Rarity Damage(Melee) Effects Notes
Emerald Arrow Uncommon 45 Slowness Vi

Weakness I

Trade from

Emerald Trading

Bone Arrow Uncommon 40 Wither V

Weakness I

A reward from Bone Collection Advancement